Avery Ranch: Special Events

Knights and Dragons Party

March 6th, 9am – 4pm

Across the nation, children will take part in “Read Across America Day” on Monday, March 2nd.  (Also Dr. Seuss’ birthday.)  At Kid Spa Austin, we celebrate the magic of reading with an entire unit of favorite folktales and fairytale fun.  On Friday, March 6th, students are invited to come dressed as their favorite fairytale character, princess, prince or knight.  This is a magical adventure they won’t want to miss!

MORNING ACTIVITIES: Kings and Queens Crown Craft, Costume Show-and-Tell, Pretzel Wand Party Snack

AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES: Fairy Tale Story Time, Marshmallow Castles, Disney Movie Song Challenge, Fairy Tale Centers and Games, Hansel & Gretel Party Snack

Shamrocks and Rainbows Party

March 17th, 9am – 4pm

Children are invited to wear GREEN when they visit Kid Spa Austin on Tuesday, March 17th, for our Saint Patty’s Day Celebration! We will have be making shamrock crafts, reading tales of Irish folklore, and enjoying rainbow treats at morning and afternoon snack times.  In the afternoon, children will help us complete a rainbow scavenger hunt to find the treasure hidden on our playground by a mischievous little leprechaun!

Butterfly Release Day

April… Final Date to be Announced

During our Insect Unit, children will get to watch caterpillars grow, form their chrysalises, and emerge as beautiful butterflies! Classes will celebrate this amazing transformation together and watch the butterflies fly off into the world. Children will also get to enjoy a special party snack… an edible butterfly life-cycle chart 🙂

Kid Spa Austin Egg Hunt

April 9th, 9am – 4pm

Join us Thursday, April 9th, for a mad dash and great time! We will have egg-tastic crafts and activities throughout the day!  Egg Hunts will be organized by age group between 9am and 12pm. Children are invited to bring their own baskets!

This is always a popular event, so please make sure to arrive early!

Earth Day Celebration

April 22nd, 9am – 4pm

Join us Wednesday, April 22nd, for Recycled Arts and Crafts Projects and a Nature Scavenger Hunt!  We will also learn about ways to help protect our environment and practice recycling.

Cinco de Mayo Party

May 5th, 9am – 4pm

Join us Tuesday, May 5th for a special celebration of our friends and neighbors to the South!  We will learn to count to 10 in Spanish, make our own wooden maracas and dance to the beat of traditional music.  This holiday is always a class favorite…  You won’t want to miss it!

Pre-K Graduation Ceremony

May 17th, (Tentative)

Our Pre-Kindergarten Class has been working hard all year and now it is time to celebrate their many accomplishments!  Preschoolers will star in a special production, receive their diplomas, and of course… eat cake.