Avery Ranch: Meet our teachers!

Ms. Deleasha

Regional Director

Prior to joining Kid Spa Austin in 2017, Deleasha worked in special education for over 6 years managing group homes and day habilitation programs. She is fluent in American Sign Language and has a young son who is obsessed with transformers and dinosaurs. Deleasha attends every UT football game and LOVES crafting!!

Ms. Melissa

Office Manager

Melissa rejoined the Kid Spa team in 2019 after taking time to spend with her family.   She is Mom to THREE boys and knows basic sign language.  Welcome back, Melissa!

Ms. Margie

Pre-K Teacher

Marllory joined Kid Spa Austin in August 2019 with five years of experience in licensed childcare.  She also has a BA in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Psychology.  In addition, Ms. Margie spent three years tutoring and was a volunteer for the Boys & Girls Club.  Last, but not least, she is fluent in English and Spanish!

Ms. Caitlin

Early Preschool Teacher

Caitlin earned BA in Business Administration from Texas Lutheran University.  Prior to becoming an early childhood educator at Kid Spa Austin in 2019, Caitlin was a teacher for the Boys and Girls Club of America.  Caitlin also has a beautiful and fun-loving preschool-aged daughter!

Ms. Amber

Cub Teacher

Amber began her career in childcare right her at Kid Spa Austin!  She says it was a natural fit for her because she was always interested in teaching and grew up taking care of her younger.  Amber also has an adorable young son who attends Kid Spa.

Ms. Joey


Joey joined Kid Spa Austin in July 2019, and was part of the original team at Pecan Park.  At the time, she already had a year and a half of experience in licensed childcare.  Joey has a natural rapport with young children, which she attributes to her large family… she has SEVEN nieces and nephews!  Joey is currently pursuing a degree in Respiratory Care at Texas State University.

Ms. Estabraq


Estabraq moved to the United States from Iraq in 2013.  She joined Kid Spa Austin in 2019 with seven years of experience in licensed childcare.  Estabraq has three grown children and is fluent in Arabic and English!

Ms. Cheyenne


After earning her BA in Business Administration and Sociology, Cheyenne held various jobs as a case worker.  Her young son helped Cheyenne make the move into childcare.  Cheyenne enjoys ballet in her free time, and loves to craft!

Ms. Erika


Erika joined Kid Spa Austin with seven years in licensed childcare.  She has two school-aged children and is fluent in English and Spanish!