Circle C Ranch: Rates

1 Hour$10.00$10N/ALearn more
10 Hour Block$9.50$95*
25 Hour Block$9.00$225*
50 Hour Block$7.90$395*
100 Hour Block$7.60$760*
10 Hour Membership$7.60$76/moMonthlyJoin Now

Drop-In Rates

  • There is a one-time registration fee of $50 per family.
  • Rates listed are per child, but time may be shared within a family.
  • Hourly rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Rate changes also impact hours currently in your account.
  • Block prices do not include the small daily check-in fee.
  • * Block hours expire 12 months after last account activity.

10 Hour Membership

  • Locks in lowest drop-in rate.
  • No money upfront. We bill your credit card on file twice per week.
  • 10 hour minimum per month (per family, not per child)
  • Minimum commitment is 2 full months
  • Membership price does not include the small daily check-in fee.