Daily Activities

Group Instruction

Our day starts off with a welcome circle where children are invited to sing, dance, listen to stories and learn about our unit theme.  We also have an afternoon circle time for our Pandas (who are not napping).  Our Panda instruction includes a short math lesson in the morning and a reading lesson in the afternoon.

Projects & Crafts

At Kid Spa Austin, we do a different project or craft each day.  Projects are teacher-guided activities such as art, science experiments, and class participation projects.  Our projects each have specific learning objectives and are developmentally appropriate to the age group.

Activity Centers

Activity Centers are offered in the afternoon.  Unlike free centers, each of our activity centers has a planned learning objective, which allows for spiraled content in math and reading.  

Activity centers are changed every 2 to 4 weeks and include opportunities for sensory play, fine motor activities, art, dramatic play, block play, math exploration, science and reading.

Outdoor Exploration

Our centers each feature a large outdoor play area and playscape to facilitate large motor development.  We also offer a variety of items for outdoor activities, such as musical toys, chalk, water play, bubbles, balls, trucks.  Each class has an opportunity for outdoor exploration in both the morning and afternoon.  

Free Centers

Childhood development experts recommend that children receive at least two hours of uninterrupted time to explore their own interests each day.  Our daily schedule provides an opportunity for this essential learning time in the morning, afternoon and evening. 

During free centers, children can spend time building, pretending, drawing and coloring, reading and playing computer games.  The books and toys in our free centers are changed out every month, so there is always something exciting and new!

Theater Time

Our theater is used daily for morning and afternoon film time for children ages 2 and up.  Daytime showings last approximately 30 to 45-minutes, with a focus on educational material in the morning hours.  On Friday and Saturday evenings, a G or PG-rated movie will be shown.

Rest time is also offered in the theater in the early afternoon each day and at night.

Meals & Snacks

Meals and snacks are served throughout the day.  Children are provided with complimentary snacks, such as fruit, Goldfish, crackers, and pretzels.  Party snacks such as bagels, fruit and special sweets are also offered from time to time.  Meals may be brought from home or purchased at the center.