Preparing for Your Visit

Kid Spa Austin can provide nearly everything your child needs while staying with us, but parents may wish to pack additional items such as: diapering supplies, change of clothes, jackets or a favorite blanket. Please make sure everything is clearly labeled, but understand that Kid Spa Austin cannot be responsible for any lost or damaged items.

– All children must have a water bottle or sippy cup.
– Parents are welcome to pack their own meals and snacks, but nut products are not allowed.
– All personal items must be clearly marked with your child’s first and last name.
– Personal toys, books and electronics are NOT allowed in the center.
– Children should be dressed in comfortable clothing that can get dirty.
– Flip-flops and small hair barrettes are strongly discouraged.

Secure Check-In and Child Release

Signing children into and out of Kid Spa Austin is simple, secure AND speedy! We use a three-point verification process for validating identities and quickly matching children to their guardians. This includes biometric fingerprint scans, personal pin numbers and photographs of children and guardians.

– The primary account holder designates authorized pick-ups and emergency contacts.

– Each authorized pick-up receives a unique login using their fingerprint and personal pin.

– Our staff confirms child/guardian identities with photographs on file.

– Authorized pick-ups must show a valid government-issued photo ID and be photographed for our records before the child is released.

– If, at any time, Kid Spa Austin staff feels uncomfortable releasing children to an individual, the Local Police Department will be called.

Health Issues

The health and well-being of each child at the childcare center is of the utmost importance. Kid Spa Austin strictly adheres to the following illness and exclusion criteria: Fever of 101 degrees F, vomiting (one time), swelling/redness of the throat, constant cough, extreme fatigue, head lice, reddened/draining eyes, skin rash, bumps on the hands, feet and/or throat or diarrhea (water-like one time).

If a child becomes ill while at the center, guardians will be contacted immediately. In this situation, a parent or authorized pick-up person must arrive at the center within one hour of being called.  Your child must be fever free without the use of medications for a period of 24 hours before being allowed back in the center.  If your child is diagnosed as having a contagious condition, PLEASE notify the center as soon as possible, so we can alert the other families.  Your confidentiality will be upheld.

Parents will be notified during check-out if a child got any minor bumps or bruises during their stay.  If a child sustains a moderate to severe injury, guardians will be contacted immediately and an incident report will be generated. 

Medically diagnosed food allergies must be documented in an Emergency Action Plan signed by both the child’s doctor and the parents. For minor allergies, ask for a red wristband at check-in.

Discipline Policy

At Kid Spa Austin, we believe that praise and encouragement are much more effective in promoting appropriate behavior than are negative techniques. To this end, teachers will remind children of behavior expectations daily by using clear and positive statements. They may also redirect behavior and use brief supervised separation/time-out when appropriate.

– Caregivers may only use positive methods of discipline. 

– Methods include: Positive Reinforcement, Redirection and Time-Out.

– Time-Outs are limited to no more than one minute per year of the child’s age.

For more significant behavioral issues, parents may be contacted and asked to pick up their child. Prolonged behavioral issues may result in temporary or permanent suspension from Kid Spa Austin.

Parent Handbook

Kid Spa Austin prides itself on being a clean, safe and fun place to stay. We want parents and children to be comfortable with the rules, regulations and policies that we have for our center. Some of that information can be found throughout this website, but a more thorough collection is available in our Parent Handbook of Operational Policies.