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Welcome Oak Haven Kid's Club Families! - KidSpa

Welcome Oak Haven Kid’s Club Families!

June 29, 2019

Welcome Oak Haven Families!

As you may have heard, Oak Haven Kids Club will become Kid Spa Austin at Pecan Park on Monday, July 1st 2019! 

For those of you not familiar with Kid Spa, we have been in Austin for the past decade and have two other locations (Circle C and Avery Ranch) and we specialize in providing “Childcare that fits YOUR schedule.”  Our centers focus on providing a safe and secure environment for children in our care, while also providing intentional learning experiences to children of all ages.  We have a wide array of programs to fit any schedule, including Drop-In Childcare, Custom Schedules, Preschool Programs and Full-Time Care.

If you are wondering what will happen to your account and how to register your family to use Kid Spa Austin, here are the highlights…


1.)  Registering Your Family

Before attending Kid Spa Austin for the first time, you will need to register your family with our center.  To do this, click on the link below and then choose the option for “Pecan Park”.  This will take you to our ProCare account management system.  Once you are on that website, enter your email address and the website will walk you through the registration process from there.  After you submit your information in ProCare for Pecan Park, we will be able to download your information and have it ready when you come into the center.  



2.)  Your First Stay

It is a really good idea to check out the section about “Your First Stay” on the Drop-In page of our website.  This page gives an overview of the most common questions we hear from new customers.  Some topics included are:

– Video of the Drop-In experience at Kid Spa, Circle C

– How Drop-In Childcare Works

– Meals & Activities

– Things to know for Your First Stay

– Procedure for Dropping Off

– Procedure for Picking Up

– Link to our Parent Handbook

3.)  Important Policies

Some important policies to consider are:

– All children must have updated immunization records on file before your first stay.  (Either a copy from your primary care physician – or – the name of a school where your child’s records are on file and up-to-date.)  If your records were already on file with Oak Haven Kid’s Club, please send us a note so that we can copy those documents over prior to your stay. If your child has their shot records on file with the state of Texas’ Immtrac system, we will be able to pull those records for you!

– Our licensing agency, DFPS, recently implemented a new rule that childcare centers keep food allergy emergency plans on file for all children.  If your child has a medically diagnosed allergy, please ask your physician to complete the Kid Spa form for Allergy Emergencies and submit it to us prior to your child’s first stay.  www.kidspa.com/Documents/Public/Food_Allergy_Emergency_Plan.pdf

– Personal toys and electronics are not allowed into the center.  This is for the safety of all children in care, as well as to prevent favorite items from being lost or damaged while at our center.

– Kid Spa Austin is a nut-free facility.  Please do not pack any nut products, as we cannot serve them at the center.

For more information, a full copy of our parent handbook is available on our website at: www.kidspa.com/Documents/Public/Parent%20Handbook.pdf


4.)  What’s Changing

While many practices will be the same between Oak Haven Kid’s Club and Kid Spa Austin, there are a few important changes to be aware of.

– New Programs – At Kid Spa Austin, there are several programs to choose from: Drop-In Childcare, Custom-Schedules, Full-Time Care, Early Preschool (Ages 2-3) and Pre-Kindergarten (Ages 3-5).  More information about our programs is the “Programs” menu on our website at: www.kidspa.com/.

New Pricing/Rates – Kid Spa Austin offers several pricing options, differing by the type of program.  Most importantly, there are three ways to purchase Drop-In Childcare:  Hourly, Drop-In Membership, and Drop-In Block Purchase.  The best rate for Drop-In Care is $6.90 per hour per child and is available through our Drop-In Membership or through Block Purchase.  More detailed pricing information can be found here:  www.kidspa.com/pecan-park/pricing-pecan-park/

New Hours – The hours and holiday schedule for Kid Spa Austin may be viewed on the Pecan Park Locations page of our website: www.kidspa.com/pecan-park/pecan-locationhours/ 

5.)  Oak Haven Credits

– As an Oak Haven customer, the $50 Kid Spa Registration Fee will be waived for your family and we will be able to transfer the final credit balance from your Oak Haven account.

– Any credit transferred from your Oak Haven account will be transferred dollar-for-dollar to your new Kid Spa Austin account.  As an Oak Haven customer, your account credit may be used for drop-in stays using the Kid Spa Membership Rate.  The Membership Rate is the lowest hourly rate for drop-in childcare at Kid Spa Austin.  

On 6/30/2020 the Oak Haven Kid’s Club accounting system will be closed and any credit that you may have with them that has not been transferred to Kid Spa Austin will be lost.

– You will continue to receive the membership rate for drop-in stays until you have used your entire credit balance from Oak Haven.  When your balance runs out, you will have the option to either purchase blocks or join the membership program. 


6.)  Account Setup

– We hope to make the transition from Oak Haven Kids Club to Kid Spa Austin as easy as possible for all customers.  We would greatly appreciate your help in completing the registration process outlined above before coming to the center for your next stay.

– After you have completed the registration process, please be advised that we will need to spend a few minutes with you during your first check-in.  We will need to take pictures of each adult and child on the account.

– We will also need for authorized pick-ups to scan their fingerprint and choose a four-digit pin code.  The fingerprint scan and pin code are what allow us to ensure a quick and secure drop-off/pick-up experience for each child staying at the center.  An added bonus to these features is that they allow us to bill you by the minute.  So, you will only pay for the time your kids actually stayed at the center.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience and support through this process! We are so excited to have you back at the center, and we look forward to showing you all of the new activities and curriculum we are adding to the center.  We really appreciate all of the words of encouragement you have offered us as we get the center up and running.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at: 512-865-6666 or send us an email at: frontdesk03@kidspaaustin.com.   Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Kid Spa Austin


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